A number of challenges exist in the current status of teachers and teaching in Africa. UNESCO estimates that one of the biggest challenges of Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) is the number of teachers required to meet the global education agenda (Education 2030) which is encapsulated in the SDG 4 on education. Moreover, other challenges include gender imbalance of teachers, recruitment of unqualified/untrained teachers, teachers’ welfare, inappropriate curriculum and low level of learning achievement.

To address the problems indicated, IICBA performs its expertise through programmes in two areas, namely Techer Policy Development (TPD) and Capacity Building, and School Leadership and Supervision (SLS). The institute operates focusing on an upstream intervention, and work at the level of policy advice and broad partnership building. Meanwhile, IICBA creates an interface between sub-regional and country level activities, in order to contribute to regional integration while supporting Member States in areas of their need.

Teacher Policy Development (TPD) and Capacity Building

Through the programme of TPD IICBA assists Member States in tackling teacher related issues in a holistic manner, leading to an eventual formulation of a comprehensive teacher policy. The programme is developed with incorporation of training, policy advice, and research.

Areas of focus (sub-programmes):

• SP1: Research on teacher issues and policy formulation

•  SP2: Standard setting in the teaching profession

•  SP3: Institutional, organizational and individual capacity development

School Leadership and Supervision (SLS)

A strong connection exists between teacher development and schools. The programme area of SLS is closely linked with the activities in the other area to create synergy, mutual support and feedback.

Areas of focus (sub-programmes):

•  SP1: Research on School Leadership and Supervision (SLS)

•  SP2: Institutional, organizational and individual capacity development

Extra Budgetary Programmes/Projects

In addition to regular programmes, IICBA with its specialty is a key performer in Sub-Saharan Africa of UNESCO programmes/projects with extra budgetary. Such programmes/projects include CapEFA, CFIT, and Girl’s Education.