Supporting Ethiopian Teacher Educators in E-learning, E-assessment and ICT Tools for Teaching and Learning

From 27 to 31 May 2019, IICBA conducted a training workshop on e-learning, e-assessment and ICT tools for teaching and learning for teacher educators of Hawassa College of Teacher Education (HCTE) in Hawassa, Ethiopia as part of the UNESCO-China-Funds-in-Trust (CFIT) Project. The UNESCO-CFIT Project “Enhancing Teacher Education for Bridging the Education Quality Gap in Africa” aims to enhance teacher training in sub-Saharan Africa via information and communication technology (ICT). In total there were 28 teacher educators at the five-day training. IICBA was represented by Dr. Temechegn Engida and Mr. Solomon Andargie who facilitated the workshop.

The training focused on improving teacher educators’ knowledge and skills on developing e-learning content and e-assessment using the instructional design approach and the use of software and ICT tools for teaching and learning. During the working an overview of learning theories was presented to provide a knowledge base for e-content development. In addition, learners and task analysis, content chunking and the developing of multi-media lessons using e-templates and tools were introduced and discussed. Participants also had a chance to practice their skills during breakout sessions using both online and offline tools.

The UNESCO-CFIT project was launched in 2013, aiming at using ICT to improving the quality of teacher education in teacher education institutions in sub-Saharan Africa. UNESCO IICBA has supported in the implementation of the project in Ethiopia since the beginning of the project, particularly in ICT-related capacity development activities. HCTE is one of the CFIT beneficiary teacher training institutions in Ethiopia. It is also tasked with implementing CFIT activities in Cluster School Resource Centers in the South region of Ethiopia.

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