IICBA Organized a Deans’ Forum for Teacher Education Institutions in Ethiopia

Networking and knowledge-sharing among Teacher Education Institutions is one of the main focuses of the UNESCO-China Funds-in-Trust (CFIT) project on “Enhancing Teacher Education for Bridging the Education Quality Gap in Africa”. In collaboration with Bahir Dar University and UNESCO International Research and Training Centre for Rural Education (INRULED), Beijing, IICBA organized a Deans’ Forum in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia from 13 to 15 December 2018. The forum gathered 38 Deans of Teacher Education Institutions and Universities, principals of CFIT beneficiary schools, and representatives of the Ministry of Education.

At the Forum, participants shared experiences, generated discussions and articulated policy decisions on the ways to integrate affordable ICTs in teacher training and teaching and learning in schools. The Deans of Hawassa College of Teacher Education and Bahir Dar University presented on their CFIT experiences; INRULED introduced global trends in teacher support system; IICBA introduced the place of ICT in teacher training and professional development, which was further discussed through the presentation from Camara Education Ethiopia on providing eLearning package and teacher training for educational institutions in Ethiopia. Participants appreciated the CFIT interventions, and looking forward to expand the reach of the impact of the CFIT project in Ethiopia.

Having been implementing CFIT project in Ethiopia since 2013, IICBA organized the first CFIT Deans’ Forum in November 2015 in Adama, Ethiopia to promote knowledge-sharing and professional networking for educational leadership. IICBA’s staff, Dr. Temechegn Engida, Programme Officer in ICT and Teacher Education and Mr. Solomon Andargie, Education Project Officer, among others, have been providing technical assistance and coordination with partners and stakeholders, contributing to better and sustainable outcomes and national ownership of the CFIT project. IICBA will continue assisting Member States in their process of integrating ICT in teacher professional development and teaching and learning, as well as foster experience-sharing in Africa.