IICBA and AFTRA Meeting for Collaboration on Teacher Issues in Africa

IICBA and Africa Federation of Teaching Regulatory Authorities (AFTRA) agreed to establish the framework for collaboration between the two organizations. This is to ensure the development of successful programmes related to teachers at national, regional and continental levels; as well as promoting the implementation of Education Agenda 2030, SDG4 and CESA 16-25 of AU Agenda 2063 in the thematic area of Teacher Development.

A meeting held at IICBA on April 10, 2017 addressed key issues that involve both AFTRA and IICBA thereby, leading to opportunities for further mutual understanding and collaboration. Prof. Steve Nwokeocha, Executive Director of AFTRA, and Dr. Ebby Mubanga, Secretary General of AFTRA and Registrar of the Teaching Council of Zambia, presented the meeting.

Dr. Yumiko Yokozeki, Director of IICBA, emphasized the importance of teacher’s role in achieving quality education, which can be improved through the partnership between AFTRA and IICBA. “We would like to have African solutions for African challenges”, she stressed, and that more profound collaboration is expected in the coming future.

Both AFTRA and IICBA firmly believe this partnership will contribute to the teacher development issues including professionalization, qualification standards, support and motivation; as well as the mobilization of resources, coordination towards capacity building and development of education in Africa.