Co-edited Book on Multilingual Ethiopia Published by IICBA staff

A co-edited book by Dr. Binyam Sisay Mendisu of UNESCO-IICBA and AAU, and Prof. Janne Bondi Johannessen of University of Oslo has been published in Oslo Studies in Language (OSLa) series. OSLa is a peer-reviewed journal series at scientific level 1 in the Norwegian register of scientific journals and publishers. The book is entitled 'Multilingual Ethiopia: Linguistic Challenges and Capacity Building Efforts'. The book has articles by many distinguished scholars on several aspects of Ethiopian linguistics, including perspectives of multilingualism and education. While some of the chapters deal with developing the capacity of the languages by way of expanding their knowledge base, others take up a practical challenge that educators face during the use of a language in an education setting and provided scientifically-based solutions. In addition to being a co-editor of the book, Dr. Binyam Sisay contributed a chapter that examines negation marking of a little-studied Ethiopian language, Hamar. The book is open access and it could be freely downloaded as a whole or by individual contributions.

Download the book in pdf