Deputy Director General of UNESCO visits IICBA

IICBA welcomed Mr. Getachew Engida, Deputy Director General of UNESCO, at its office in Congo Building on Friday 27th of January 2017. The previous day, Mr. Getachew Engida took part as a panelist in the High-Level Dialogue on Gender Equality and Education, which IICBA co-organized.

A meeting was held between DDG and staff members of IICBA to discuss some of the major activities that IICBA has been engaged in so far, and major forthcoming plans for 2017. Dr. Yumiko Yokozeki, Director of UNESCO-IICBA, expressed her appreciationto senior management of UNESCO for their continuous support of IICBA and its activities. She highlighted IICBA's latest work onTeacher Motivation and Support Framework as well as the grant that IICBA secured from the Japanese government. Other staff members of IICBA also presented some of their plans to accomplish in 2017.

Mr. Getachew Engida then expressed his appreciation for the warm welcome he received at IICBA and reiterated his strong support to the important work that the institute is doing. He pointed out that Africa is still one of the priority areas of UNESCOand as the only Category I institute in Africa dealing with education, IICBA has a key role to play in improving teacher education and development in the continent. Mr. Engida expressed his gratitude for all the relevant work that is being conducted and promised to strengthen his support in the future. Finally, Dr. Yokozeki once again thanked DDG for his visit to IICBA and his unreserved support.