IICBA Participated, represented by Dr. Temechegn Engida, at the 3rd General Meeting of the Tuning Africa Phase II Project

The 3rd General Meeting was held in Accra/Ghana from 17-19 October 2016. The organizational structure of the project is as follows:

    - Management Committee

    - 8 Subject Area Working groups

    - TAPAG – Tuning Africa Policy Advisory Group

Dr. Temechegn shared the information on IICBA’s on-going work in harmonization and standardization of teacher education with other participants. He also discussed individually with two members of the Management Committee both of whom suggested that IICBA be present at the TAPAG. It was learnt that UNESCO has been a member of the TAPAG and IICBA will be informed about the next meetings to attend as a member of the advisory group.

Currently, 124 academics from 105 African universities are participating in 8 working groups based around different disciplines (Agricultural Sciences, Applied Geology, Civil Engineering, Economics, High Education Management, Mechanical Engineering, Medicine and Teacher Education). It was learnt that the universities selected are centers of national excellence in the disciplines they represent and have demonstrated an ability to engage in dialogue with other institutions that work in the same knowledge areas. They have a significant presence in the system (size of the institution, track record, credibility and academic authority) such that a considerable part of the system is represented by their participation.

The most relevant subject in the Tuning Project is the Teacher Education group. The Teacher Education Group consists of the following universities from Africa:

1. University of Zimbabwe

2. University of Nigeria - Nsukka, Makerere University (Uganda), Open University of Tanzania and Open University of Nigeria (Joint program)

3. University of Namibia and the University of the Western Cape (Joint program)

4. Université Espoir d'Afrique, Burundi

5. Universidade Eduardo Mondlane, Mozambique

6. Mogadishu University, Somalia

7. Makerere University, Uganda

8. Katyavala Bwila University, Angola

9.  Botho UNiversity, Botswana

10. Benue State University, Makurdi Nigeria

11. African Virtual University

12. Alexandria University, Egypt

13. Arsi University, Ethiopia

Since UNESCO-IICBA has been working in the area of harmonization of teacher education in Africa at RECs level, it is recommended that IICBA and the Tuning Africa project join efforts to harmonize their works for a maximum benefit of the participating universities and others in the continent.