IICBA participates in the Open Session of the African Union Peace and Security council on the Role of the Media in Enhancing Accountability on Women, Peace and Security Commitments in Africa on Thursday 20 October 2016

IICBA was invited to participate in the open session of the AU PSC on 20 October and Yumiko Yokozeki, Director of IICBA was called to make an intervention.  The intervention was as follows:

Your excellency, Madame Chair, Your excellency, AU Special Envoy, excellencies, colleagues and friends,

I am very happy to participate in this open session on the role of the media in enhancing accountability on women, peace and security commitment in Africa, and particularly on ‘gender-responsive reporting’.

IICBA is UNESCO ‘s Institute mandated to work for teachers on the African continent.  We are committed to promote women’s and girls’ advancement in Africa both in peace and in humanitarian crisis situations.

We have been developing a gender-responsive pedagogy where both girls and boys are empowered to learn without stereotypes and discrimination in school.  I believe that we are working together because some of these young people who learn to live together in peace will be gender-responsive reporters and media practitioners in future.

Young people in the 21st Century are surrounded by an enormous amount of information and numerous opportunities to share their own views through social media.  It is our role, as educators, media practitioners and parents, to help young girls and boys develop analytical and critical minds when they receive information, and to be responsible and ethical when they share their views.

I believe this is where good reporters and media practitioners are groomed. 

In conclusion, I would like to stress that gender-responsive pedagogy supports gender-responsive media practice.  Let us work together.

Thank you very much.