UNESCO-IICBA supports the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Mali in non-formal education through reading, writing, and mathematics modules and workshops.

Mr. Omar Diop, Specialist in Education at UNESCO-IICBA, participated in the technical workshop for developing a module on the didactics of reading, writing and mathematics in non-formal education. The workshop organized by the UNESCO Office of Bamako from 18 to 28 July 2016, included participants and representatives from the Ministry of Education, and Educational Specialists from the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong learning (UIL) and the UNESCO International Institute for Capacity Building in Africa (UNESCO-IICBA).

Workshop of Capacities building for teacher educators of the non-formal education. Bamako, July 2016 ©UNESCO

The support helped continue the CapEFA program and its objective to build capacities of individuals and institutions/structures at both the pre- and in-service teacher training and in local and central levels. After the development of trainings and pedagogical tools for teacher educators in the formal sector, UNESCSO-IICBA was able to provide expertise and support on the development and furthering of the project and tools in the non-formal sector. Overall, the hope is that this will help lead to a more inclusive and high quality education in the Republic of Mali. 

UNESCO Team (Bamako, IICBA, UIL). Bamako, July 2016 ©UNESCO
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