The International Conference on the Use of Contract Teachers

When: 20-22 June, 2016

Where: United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

The Education 2030 Framework for Action articulates a comprehensive approach for improving the quality of teachers and teaching in Africa. The declaration recognizes that the teacher workforce in Africa includes individuals with various levels of training and qualifications. Recently, due to an increase in enrollment following Education For All (EFA) initiatives, governments and schools have resorted to recruiting “contract teachers” who work outside the standard employment system and typically draw lower pay and fewer benefits. The phenomenon is of a growing concern in sub-Saharan Africa as it greatly effects the quality of education and teaching. As a result, the International Task Force on Teachers together with partners has reviewed the status and qualifications of contract teachers in selected sub-Saharan African countries and has prepared a report on the 25 participating countries.


In order to disseminate the findings of the report and to exchange knowledge of policies and practices relating to contract teachers, an international conference is to be held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on 20-22 June. UNESCO-IICBA, an important organization in the development of teachers and teacher policy in Africa, is jointly organizing the event with the Teacher Task Force, the AUC, the OIF, the ADEA, and Education International (EI). The event is expected to draw over 100 participants, including authorities, experts, and researchers from around the world.

A live broadcast of key conference sessions will be available on IICBA’s website and Facebook page:


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