2016 International Day of the African Child: Protect Children in Conflict and Crisis

By Tyler Hook and Wendi Cui, 16 June, 2016

The 16th of June is the International Day of the African Child (DAC). The DAC raises awareness of the continuing challenges facing many African children in receiving a quality education. This year’s theme is: “Conflict and Crisis in Africa: Protecting all Children’s Rights.” The theme recognizes that children are always the most vulnerable and most affected by conflicts. According to UNESCO, in Africa:

·         Approximately 30% of children live in a conflict area

·         An estimated 12 million African children are internally displaced

·         30 million of the world’s 58 million out-of-school, primary-age children live in Sub-Saharan Africa

·         12.6 million primary school age children are out of school in conflict-affected countries

·         Of the children out of school due to conflict, an estimated 55% are girls

During conflicts and crises, a child’s right to education is widely neglected. Education in emergencies is a priority that cannot be overlooked.

UNESCO-IICBA has been actively addressing teacher related challenges to ensure children in conflict areas exercise their right to education. Using its expertise, the Institute has carried out initiatives in crisis affected regions, including supporting teacher recruitment in Northern Kenya, promoting education for women and girls in Somalia, and building capacity of math and science teachers in South Sudan refugee camps. IICBA is a proud supporter of the Day of the African Child and has worked vigorously to protect children’s right to a quality and safe education.

Sustainable Development Goal 4 states that every child should be able to receive a free basic education by 2030, those in conflict affected regions should be no exception. The world must work together to achieve this vision.


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