Joint Effort by IICBA and APCEIU to Build Peace through Teacher Education

30 November 2015

A joint meeting was held between IICBA and UNESCO Asia-Pacific Center of Education for International Understanding (APCEIU) on 30 November 2015 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The two UNESCO entities agreed on future cooperation to promote international understanding and peace through teacher education.

IICBA director Yumiko Yokozeki and programme staff of the institute participated in the meeting with director of APCEIU, Dr. Chung Utak, and assistant Programme Specialist Mr. Rigoberto D. Banta Jr. During the meeting, both the institute and the center presented about their working field, and discussed possibilities of future cooperation.

APCEIU, headquartered in Seoul, Republic of Korea, is a UNESCO category 2 center mandated to promote Education for International Understanding (EIU) and the culture of peace. Working to achieve the SDGs globally, one of the goals of APCEIU is to promote global citizenship education (GCED) through collaborated effort in global regions. IICBA with its expertise in African teacher education is going to partner with APCEIU to integrate GCED in teacher training, through which to facilitate peace building.

The entities have agreed to combine GCED with IICBA’s working fields of ICT in education, education in emergencies, and curriculum harmonization. Joint actions of developing teacher training modules for GCED and integrating peace education in the curriculum framework for African countries may be carried out in the future.