IICBA is conducting Master Teacher Training (TOT) for BEAR II (Better Education for Africa’s Rise II) project Beneficiary countries

One of the expected outcomes of BEAR II is the training of teachers of TVET institutions to reinforce their pedagogical competences. The new situation of COVID 19 also required to equip the teachers with new ICT skills covering knowledge around basic skills of computer use, the LMS, online teaching and the digitalization of contents.

Since November 12, 2021, IICBA has launched TOT for Master TVET teachers in Uganda and Tanzania. Second group of countries (Ethiopia, Kenya and Madagascar) started the TOT on 18 November.

The training will enable participants to  
1.    Recognize the Importance of 21st Century Skills for TVET Teacher Training Methodology.
2.    Apply the 21st Century Skills in the TVET Training
3.    Develop e-learning Instructional Materials for Online and Distance Learning (ODL), and
4.    Develop Learning Management System for TVET Programs

The training is based on the modules developed beforehand by IICBA in line with the training needs of the target BEAR II countries. The modules address problems that are common to TVET teachers of all target countries and were developed in such a way that the basis for all trainings remains the same, but there is enough flexibility in their implementation during the training. It is also possible to contextualize the standard training modules and deliver them in local languages

The training is making use of synchronous and asynchronous methods to deliver content and will take up to 3 consecutive weeks, with the last week to be used for assessing progress of participants. The master trainers will be expected to carry out training for TVET teachers/trainers in accordance with schemes to be developed by the countries.