International Day of Peace (September 21)

The youth of Africa are making great strides in building peace across the continent. For International Day of Peace, UNESCO-IICBA is  calling on youth to continue this effort. As agents of peace and with capacities and skills for productive citizenship being developed through UNESCO-IICBA’s Teacher Training and Development for Peace-Building in the Horn of Africa and Surrounding Countries Japan-supported project, youth are bringing forth a peaceful future not only for themselves, but for the whole of Africa and generations to come.

International Day of Peace (September 21) - UNESCO


• To address the educational, technical and professional needs of Africa in teacher development, school leadership and management;

• To bring to African institutions the latest research and development in education globally;

• To enhance the capacity of Africa’s teacher education institutions;

 • To further the use of technological improvements in teacher development, such as the use of the electronic media in teacher education;

 • To mainstream gender equality in teacher development; and

 • To enable African education to benefit from work done by our partners by providing a forum for sharing experiences in the above areas.